More Testimonials

Increased facebook likes

 During our first meeting, Jane quickly "got" my brand and  understood what I am all about. Her original post and curated articles  were right on target. With her efforts, she was able to increase my Facebook likes by 600 in just 3 months. I definitely recommend Little Woods Marketing!

Rita K. Garnto
Author Simple Self-Care Saved Me

Trusted expertise

 We have trusted Jane's marketing and social media expertise and advice  for years. She is a pro-active, make-it-happen gal who genuinely cares  about her client. Very reliable. Very Professional. And definitely  "plugged in" to our community.

Doug McSpadden  (on Facebook)

McSpadden Custom Homes

Made a huge difference

 Jane and Ava were a huge help marketing The Swankey with emails  and social media. They came up with great marketing ideas THEN they  implemented them without needing a lot of hand holding. Always a  pleasure to work with - and always able to move quickly in new directions be that helping to shoot video or creating seasonal  promotions.  

Y'all are awesome!

Tracy Luebbers

The Swankey

Grew and engaged our following

Little Woods Marketing handled our Facebook for about 3 years. (We have since closed our doors). They kept our Facebook lively and fun. People just loved the posts and often commented on them. That engagement had a positive impact when we would send out special sale information. I was very happy with their work.

Brian DuBois

Manager of The Wine Shop in Dilworth