Effect 11

Text Messages are seen 98% of the time.


Email marketing is great! Except for that pesky open rate. What is yours? 22%? 31%? Well, good for you! Those are excellent averages compared to other email marketers. But, hold on . . . is that really so great? Out of your list of 1K emails you are reaching 220 of them?

Texts messages are seen 98% of the time.  98% of the time! And that missing 2% is from folks being in an out of service area.

Ready to hear more?

Text Marketing involves first building an opt in list of your customers. Then sending a text with a well crafted opening line and a trackable link to your content.

Highest frequency would be one per week. One per month is also good depending on your product or service.

We offer Managed Text Marketing: we create the campaigns to grow your text club AND we create the text messages and AND we link them back to your Facebook or bulk email with trackable links giving us real data to analyze.

Look below for some basic pricing, just so you have a ballpark idea of the costs. Then, let's talk! Like a quote for more messaging? No problem! Jane@LittleWoodsMarketing.com

Text Messages per Month

100 msgs  $35 per month

250 msgs  $55 per month

500 msgs  $75 per month

1000 msgs $95 per month

One time set up fee is $150 -- No Contract. Cancel anytime.

Contact Jane for more info. Jane@littlewoodsmarketing.com