lwm mondayExperiencing high turn-over at the management level? Are they moving on up the food chain? Or maybe taking the plunge and starting a business? Yeah, it’s them alright … the people that you chose to hire. I know, you thought for once it wasn’t going to be your fault! Well, of course, it isn’t always your fault! The last person that could claim me as an employee (the greatest guy and boss in the world, by the way) had no way of knowing that entrepreneurism is practically a religious belief in my family. But, sometimes (sorry) you are the problem.

Hiring can be hard. Especially in a small office where you are spending a lot of time with these folks – you want to like them! That’s not the problem. You can like them. However, they can’t be just like you. They need to have skill sets that do not overlap your own. And they definitely need to have goals that don’t mimic yours – because if they do and you are surprised when the go into business for themselves – well, Sherlock, maybe you should be reading a blog that explains the “if it walks like a duck” adage.

So, if this is a problem you are experiencing, take a step back. Create an accurate job description and then make a list of the skills that would match up. Then create a “skill set” wish list. Now you are ready to start interviewing with a clearer focus of hiring the right person – the one who might want to do well and stick with it!