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Bad Customer Service (not Zappos)

B tonyI experienced really terrible customer service (not from Zappos of course – those folks are golden!) the other day while purchasing candle making supplies and thought this might be a teaching moment. Customer service employees are often underpaid and perhaps disgruntled — making them down right dangerous to your business!

This was an online chat situation. I had a good bit of soap making supplies in my cart but needed help with candle making.  I told the person (Tiffany) that I was new to candle making and didn’t understand the designations for wicks. She sent me a chart/graphic that did not match up to the names/designations on the order page. So I asked her again to specifically explain what they meant. (I later surmised that one was in MM and the other in Inches but that is neither here nor there). She responded “kindly refer to the chart I sent to you”. Really? I instead rolled my eyes, closed the chat window and proceeded to another candle and soap making store. If her boss knew that a new customer — an entrepreneurial type customer who already has an outlet to put soap on shelves mind you — had just slipped through their fingers I’m sure they would not be happy.

As a marketer I am particularly offended by poor customer service. Companies spend money marketing and advertising their products —  just to have the customer turned away as it were by snotty responses from their live chat team. Ridiculous! Some funds should be budgeted for TRAINING of both customer service and reception. Good folks in those two areas of your company are gold.

Retail 101: You had me at “hello”

b retailI heard about an experience a friend had just the other day in a local retail shop. When she walked in the shop the employees were chatting to one another around the register. Which is where they remained. They looked up for a moment to say hello then went back to their conversation. Sound familiar?

If you are a shop owner or manager take heed. This could be happening in your shop when you are not around. Or worse! Maybe you are one of the people guarding the register!

Retail customer service should not be an oxymoron.

Training and commitment and pride in your brand should be all you need to get this situation turned around! Start here:

Guarding the Register: a group of employees chatting around the register. Of course when no one is in the store this is a common occurrence. However, the moment a customer walks in the store they should scatter as though one of them just passed gas. This is a rule, not a suggestion.

Greeting the Customer: certainly a “hello” or “welcome” is a good starting point. A good salesperson can evaluate if the person is just looking or actually looking for something. Either way they may not want help right away; but this is not a free ticket back to Chit Chat Land or your chance to go back to stocking product in the back of the store. If a customer has to interrupt a conversation or go on a scouting expedition to find you they will not be pleased.

Which takes us into Working the Floor. Working the Floor is what you do when you have one or more customers in your shop that have said they do not need help right now. Your job is now to look pleasantly busy and delightfully available. Rearrange some merchandise, dust or fold something (depending on your products) within easy speaking distance to the customer. Now:Engage the customer! If they are looking at or pick up something that you know something about then chime in! “Oh, I gave my mom that scarf for her birthday. She wears it all the time” or maybe “I had that bottle of wine 2 nights ago with a pizza – it was perfect! It is on my go to list”. Now shut up. Let the customer talk. See, they don’t really want to hear you rattle on and on. They just want some knowledgeable attention and friendly help

Training your retail employees is essential and should really include refreshers and weekly call-outs when you see it being done right. Your internal shop branding tag should include “and knowledgeable, friendly, over the top charming customer service” after your claim to fame “Best Scarf Selection in the city” for example.

Get started with your employees today and reap the benefits of increased sales and loyal customers!