I listened to another podcast this morning that was pushing the “Be Yourself” theme song. For those interested it was Vernon Ross interviewing Fabienne Raphael. Thanks Vernon! And I couldn’t agree more. From attracting your ideal clients to producing unique graphics — and of course the big daddy: Creating Original Content — the marketing horizon is all about keeping it real (as it were). So how do you do that?

Well one way to get started is with Canva. Original art is easier than you might think when you consider photography. I shoot trees, sand, the ocean, chickens, what have you, just to provide me with the backdrops for quotes and content. I like quoting smart interesting people from history or literature and blend these with current positive thinking type quotes. If your style is more cutting edge then find or create that. I have a client who’s brand includes being a Christian so we create original graphics using bible verses.

We (my team) use Canva for Work so that we can easily share the products with each other, make changes readily, and publish the graphics in minutes. The app has several new features (like add your own fonts) that we are working on and hope to take advantage of soon. I definitely recommend Canva.com to anyone handling the social media marketing for their company. Oh, and of course, I recommend Vernon Ross and his The Social Strategy Podcast.