By the title, you’d think I was going to give you the secret to great video but I’m afraid I don’t really have that. And if I did, I bet it would be more than any of us really want to spend: time wise or cash wise. With these little Facebook videos I really believe that good enough really is.

So, when I say “getting video right” this is what I mean. “Right” for now means fast, to the point, visually entertaining and posted! Getting pretty good video out there now is much more important than posting a great video 3 weeks, or God forbid, 6 months from now. Bird in the hand for sure. Right now Facebook is sharing video uploaded using the Facebook tool (instead of youtube) better than static posts. How long will that be true? Who knows? I’m no fortune teller.  All we can do is take advantage of that fact for as long as it lasts. Ride the wave as it were. The video posted above performed 646% better than the average posts for Market on Wylie. Why? Uh . . . luck? Sometimes a video gets rolled to the right folks and a large percentage of them like it and comment. That is, of course, the magic diamond sauce for getting Facebook to kick up the sharing. The video itself is ok. Produced on my iPhone 5s with iMovie; it is short (right under 30 seconds), it moves around (static camera shots get old fast) and the text is not overwhelming and easy to grasp quickly.

And please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I won’t be trying to improve my video production value – I think trying to get better at what I do is always on my mind. I just don’t let the lack of perfect lighting or voice over stop me from uploading a video. It probably will not come as a surprise that “No one will notice on a galloping horse” is one of my favorite sayings!